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Psychology, Performance, Wellbeing

Here at Mentology, we provide leading support
to individuals, parents, professionals, teams
and organisations who are interested in
utilising psychology to enhance their
performance and wellbeing.

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We specialise in Sport and Exercise Psychology and Child Psychology and offer a range of psychological services to meet clients’ needs.

With the aim of enhancing the everyday experiences of our clients, Mentology prides itself on using evidence-based approaches to maximise individuals’ potential whilst supporting their wellbeing.

Mentology provides two strands of specialist support; Performance and Child Psychology. Given the links between these two areas, Mollie and Jack can provide joint working and training that utilises their experience in both disciplines.

We provide support to amateur and professional athletes, organisations such as schools and sports teams, as well as corporate clients operating in high performance environments. We understand that maximising performance is important to athletes and organisations alike, which is why we provide tailored, long-lasting, and holistic support that prioritises the person before the performer.

Alongside this, Mentology provides specialist support for children, young people, families and professionals that focuses on supporting the learning and social and emotional development of children and young people. We are experienced in supporting situations that feel stuck and ensuring young people, parents and professionals feel listened to, validated and empowered to facilitate change.

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No travel, easily accessible and hourly slots can be selected at your convenience.

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Improving Performance & Enhancing Wellbeing


Warm and Approachable

Jack was incredibly warm and approachable and our pupils were engaged immediately. His workshops were interactive and made what is often a complex subject area, accessible to all. The boys came away with a greater understanding of mental heath and a much improved emotional literacy.

Adelise Easter
Head of English, Donhead Preparatory School

Clear Structure

I worked with jack last year, he was a great help to me and made things very easy. He was organised and provided a clear structure to each session, I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a sports psychologist with a specialism in football.

Tyreke Johnson
Footballer, Woking FC

Clear & Concise

The format of meetings is always clear so it is easy to make arrangements with students and teachers alike. There is the opportunity for all to contribute to ensure we are all working together along the right path.

Shaun Anglim
Head of Pre-Prep Games at Donhead Preparatory School

Passionate Practitioner

Jack is a passionate practitioner, one who explores and develops a curiosity with players upon the subject of being a psychologically flexibile footballer. Consistently engaging staff, providing honest reflective feedback. Jack continues to prove to being a fundamental part of the multidisciplinary team to support the wellbeing and performance of the academy squads.

James Barlow
Head of Coaching at Portsmouth Football Club

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